A huge empire – game of sultans


Game of sultans is published by mechanist internet technologies. Game is based on life of sultan and how he enhances his empire. You can indulge yourself in flirtatious romance, military strategy, and management or political intrigue. Games are just for entertainment but many of war based games gives us some knowledge about life of a king. Initially you may not understand the game theme but some of tips and tricks make easy for understand.

Tips for make easy

Firstly you need some tutorials because of you have not play this game before. These tips tell you how play and navigate all things in game. After this you are able to handle all kinds of actions, gradually become the master of game.

Guide of game

It describes how to become the grand sultan of kingdom. A grand sultan lived with many queens and children. In this game a grand sultan was died due to illness and now you become the sultan of the kingdom. Now what is your aim to expend the empire or increase the troops, and fight with enemies, capturing their castles or how to take powerful decisions. Like other game in which also some of game modes are locked By playing of game you can unlock many others modes also.

Resources of game

Without resources of game the game is not complete. Because we feel interesting when we gain some types of rewards and use them on it. In game of sultan three types of resources are used; gold, grain, and soldiers. These are used for upgrading viziers, soldiers etc. you can acquired these resources from the imperial parliament. In the parliament two characters assists you to collect resources, grain, and wealth. Game developers attract the user by giving some types of rewards, coins and diamond. So you can amuse yourself by game of sultan.