Introduction Of Episode: Choose Your Story


Are you a player of Episode: Choose Your Story? If no, then what you are waiting for? Just go to the Google PlayStore for downloading this game which is totally free. On the other hand, if you have the iOS device then visit at the Apple App Store, you can easily get this amazing game for being master player.

People find this game really amazing only because it’s great concept so get ready to collect the currency as well as enjoy the stories. New players those have recently joined this game also took advantages of episode game hack for generation desired amount of gems and passes. In this article, you will read some of the most vital aspects related to the Episode: Choose Your Story.

What should I do in game?

You role in the game is just unlocking the stories and customize the characters quickly. Basically, you will get an avatar that you can easily customize by changing its face appearance and many other things. Instead of this, players can change the hair styles which are available so you can choose them. However, for customization you may need to spend some currency. In addition to this, if you have trouble with the collection of currency then simply use the episode game hack in order to generate gems quickly. In short, you don’t need to open the game daily for earning the gems.

Final words

Smart people always try to find out the glitch of the game which they never get found because game is really dedicated which is developed by smart developers so you never found anything. However, you can work hard for being best player in the game. Nevertheless, you should simply work on the collection of currency and being a great player.

Home Street- Home Design – Choice Of Smart Gamers!


Build your dream home is the primary task of the Home Street game. Therefore, you must pay attention to this task and in this situation you may need to spend a huge amount of currencies while building the house. There are lots of options that are available to customize the home and make it your own. New furniture those players are able to buy in the game to the place it into their perfectly. It would be really supportive of the new players to use the because it is the only method that can generate the desired amount of currencies.

Add new room

At the time of modification of the home or add a new room then you need to visit at the store. Therefore, simply click on the icon of the store and also select the home customers. After that, there would be an icon which may looks like the brick wall. Once you select it then simply add more rooms in the menu, but only up to the allowed limit. In addition to this, players can easily move existing rooms at other locations with ease. The good news is that there is no limit of the size so you can easily use the desired limit of the size of the room.

A small tip!

Whether you need to grab some more currencies like coins and gems, players should use the Home Street hack that would be really supportive at the time of generated free funds. Don’t forget to pay attention on the customization of the avatars of the game. Nevertheless, outfits that are possible to use for making the avatar more impressive in the game.